About Viv

Viv 2
My favourite work has always been associated with textiles.
I made my own clothes when I was younger and have recently started doing this again.
I began hand knitting when I was primary school age. I was discouraged from making rafia mats as I was born with only one hand and the teacher thought it would be too difficult. Fortunately my mother said "who needs rafia mats anyway" and taught me to knit - which I also believe is much more useful. I now consider myself as being accomplished in hand and machine knitting and obtained the Level 3 City and Guilds certificate in machine knitting in the 90's.
My next focus was on creative hand and machine embroidery and followed further City and Guilds courses in these disciplines. During this time I became interested in dyeing fabrics and mixed media work.
I enjoy layering and recycling materials. Sampling always appeals to me and often results in 'accidental' finshed pieces.
I usually set out working methodically as I have a scientific background, but this usually evolves very quickly into something much more random, which I often enjoy inventing an appropriate name for. I hope that putting some of my work out here will inspire me to move onwards in this direction.