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Hi There
Thanks for visiting. I hope you find the pages entertaining.
I take many different images - usually to work with in Photoshop. The post processing has always been the best part for me - going back to my darkroom days and now so much easier digitally.
Creativity is the thing, but obviously good images are needed for a start point - you can never make something out of nothing!
I like to break the rules a bit, but we need to know the rules (and why they're there) before they can be broken. So there are images in all kinds of genre. I hope you enjoy them.

I'm retired and playing with my cameras (and computer and occasional music).
I'm married to Viv, who's my constant inspiration and mentor - my best ever friend! Our children have all grown up so we can get into our own things.
We live near Whitby, North Yorkshire - where there are plenty of Goth, Steampunk and Folk festivals, wonderful town and coastline and even more wonderful North York Moors National Park. Lots to see and photograph.
Life is really pretty good, once you get used to the hair loss!
I'm a member of the Photographic Society of America, where I've been an administrator for a creative study group for 14 years. I have the EPSA which is awarded after 700 acceptances in international exhibitions. I was elected as an associate (APSA) for sevices to the PSA and Photography in general in 2022, because of my work with the education department, long-term administration of the study group and contributions to the PSA Journal.
I've been taking photographs for over 50 years - My father gave me the interest and showed me how to use the darkroom. I started with an Olympus Trip 35 mm, moving on to a Nikon FE and a B&W darkroom, before progressing into digital photography (still with Nikon) and using Photoshop and Lightroom (and lots of plugins).
I had a book published in 2018 - Stones and Crosses of the North York Moors (ISBN-13: 978-1-78155-648-1) which resulted from a project where I walked the moors photographing them, over 4 years. The book happened accidentally, because I couldn't find one which gave the location and history I wanted. Luckily I found a publisher who thought it had merit. You may find it entertaining too (available on Amazon and local bookshops).
For me, Photoshop is where the fun really starts. You'll see in the galleries that there's quite a bit of manipulation and added effects. And it's all about having fun! Let's hope you get some too!!